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Queen Sheba Coffee celebrating its first birthday

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

4 Nov 2021

Yes! Queen Sheba Coffee is now officially one year old! We passionately started trading in November 2020 and have steadily grown our community both locally and on-line. What a journey it has been. Our mission of connecting the consumer in UK, mainly here in Northern Ireland, with the producers in Ethiopia, hasn't been without its challenges but it's been thrilling and worth every bean. Over this past year, we have been able to provide an additional revenue stream to the small scale female farmers in Ethiopia who carefully harvest this quality bean. In doing so, we maintained our ethos of sustaining not just their livelihood but also the environment. As we always explain it to our customers, we only source coffee that is grown in the wild or under a natural forest canopy hence the quality and flavour so Authentic! What a joy it has been to witness the expression of people when they experience the distinctive taste of our coffee and they keep coming back for more! As the saying goes "Life is too short for bad coffee" Our story is only starting, we are passionate about continuing to be the positive change we want to see in and around Ethiopian coffee. Huge thanks to all that have supported us thus far in different ways! We have enjoyed your conversations, shared experiences and friendships. We are also part of the local market days hosted by Urban Events NI and Saintfield while our coffee is also stocked at speciality stores in Belfast

  • Arcadia Delicatessen at 378 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 6GL

  • Sawers at 5, 6 Fountain Centre, College St, Belfast BT1 6ES

Ameseginalehu! (Amharic equivalent of thank you, meaning “I praise you” or “I commend you”) Bethel Sweeney

Cup of coffee next to fresh coffee beans

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