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True 100% organic coffee



Sourced directly from Ethiopia. We have partnership based supply agreement with women smallholder farmers  and their Cooperative Farmer Support Centers.



We are involved In local Northern Ireland open markets to raise awareness of Ethiopian coffee.
We cup different samples and flavours and allow the customer to have an informed choice of what flavour appeals most to their palate instead of dictating what is best for them

Roasted coffee beans.jpg
Roasted coffee beans.jpg


Roasting at source for almost a decade. 
We understand Ethiopian coffees across the supply and value chains. 
Leveraging our expertise, we have developed 3 product lines that can cater to diverse consumers and their interests. 
This distinguishes us from other coffee companies in Ethiopia that primarily use geographic origin, roast levels, and package size as product lines. 



The grower knows their product and we allow them to put together beans that compliment  each other

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